There is a bridge leading to Jørpelandsholmen by scanaområdet just outside of Jørpeland in Strand, Ryfylke. There is a 2,1 km long,  wide gravel path that circles the island which is very family friendly. It is also accessible for wheelchair users.


There are many facilities on Island, such as a small quayside for boat people or kayakkers, multiple swimming and bathing areas, toilets which are accessible for wheelchair users, “gapahauk” a term used for the norwegian log cabin with an open front.


There is also a fantastic 12 hole frisbee golf course, which is very popular with the locals. This is a great outdoors area for the whole family! The bridge leading to the island has been given the name “staalverksbrua” which means steel works bridge, after the local steel producing factory which can be seen from the Island.


While on Jørpelandsholmen you should go and see “solspeilet - the norwegian stonehenge on klungholmen, Which has been made by the local artist Stian Heimlund Skjæveland

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